February 4, 2012

DAY 79


Random thoughts



South America

your beauty is poetry and words fail
your people have opened my heart
I felt a love so vast it possesses all the stars



love can never come from someone else, the other can only help you to find what is already inside you.


I stopped cycling due to the persistent knee pain and how late is was in the year. It would be impossible to make it much farther south before those cold winters set in down south. I did travel around a bit more by plane to see other areas and made it to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. The time it took me to cycle from Bogota, Colombia to Alausi, Ecuador, I should have been mostly through Peru by that time. At least compared to what it is like cycling across North America. The Andean mountain range is just too difficult to cycle and be able to get much distance in each day.

I went home to start making money again, I spent everything I had and needed to work.

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