February 1, 2012

DAY 76

This morning really sucked, I went out walking in a light mist to find a coffee shop. It was about a 10 minute walk but I found one and had a nice coffee and breakfast. On the walk back the rain got heavier and although I had a rainjacket on, my pants and feet got drenched.

It was not good enough that my pants were so wet that it made it difficult to walk, but I got lost trying to find my way back. These are the times that wearing glasses really suck. They get rained on and it is difficult to see. Anyway, I stopped somewhere for directions and although I had a map showing where the hostal is, they could not figure it out. They did not know English and I did not know Spanish but at least I figured they could read the map and point me in a direction. One thing I have found is that most people in Colombia and Ecuador do not know how to read maps. The man was kind enough to call the hostal for me and I was able to figure out how ot get back. It is not very fun being lost in the rain and not able to speak the language to get directions. But I very much appreciated how these people went out of their way to help me.

In the early afternoon I met with a freind, we had lunch and I tried to study some personal pronouns but it really started giving me a headache. I do not think I will ever learn Spanish.

Other than the attempt at Spanish lessons, it was a lovely afternoon and the time passed so quickly as the afternoon passed into evening and lunch turned into dinner.

I am also beginning to like the coffee and baileys drinks. I might be getting lazy from not cycling for so long now. It seems as though I have been allowing myself to get distracted from what I was doing. But I am enjoying this so much more than pushing myself hard up those steep mountains. I really , heavy bicycle. I think I was a bit crazy to do it but I did get through some of the most challenging roads that exist anywhere.

My intent has been to stay here long enough to learn some Spanish but I don't think I can learn it very quickly.

my makeshift clothes dryer, the fan is really spinning it just looks like it is off.

pants are now dry and ready to come down



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