January 29, 2012

DAY 73

I met with my Spanish tutor today but did not study much Spanish. Instead we hung out with friends and a Swiss guy passing through named Pascal. During the late afternoon we met a couple of others. We walked around town and the Malecon so they could show Pascal and I what the city was like.

I heard more stories about getting robbed, it seems like it has happened to everyone at some point. Most of the time it is discrete like getting pickpocketed. Occasionally it is by force and sometimes there are razor blade thieves who will cut a pocket without you knowing it. They will also cut into your backpack and get something out of it without you knowing it.

It usually happens in crowded situations like on a bus or at a crowded festival. They also work in teams and there may be a distraction in front of you like a fight while someone behind robs you.

Anyway, I just try to take precautions and be aware of my surroundings.

During the night as we were all walking back to try to find where my hotel was, we heard someone yelling and a man ran right by my quickly followed by another man yelling at him. The man had just got robbed. This made everyone just a bit nervous so we quickly found where my hotel was and the rest jumped in a taxi to go home.















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