January 25, 2012

DAY 69

I don't know what is going on but I have had more ups and downs with not feeling well then I have ever had in my life. It started that day I got very cold cycling in the rain to Alausi and since I have not been back to 100%. Last night I kept waking up with stomach pain and this morning had diarrhea. For the most part since getting to the Galapagos Islands I have been feeling great but now I'm not motivated to do much. Maybe it is just a time to really rest, relax and write something.

The wi-fi service on the islands is very poor and at times will not be working at all for periods of time. This is not always a problem with the wi-fi on the premises but the connection at the other end. The connections are painfully slow and reminds of the days of dial up internet only slower. I did look up hotel reviews online looking for a place that had wifi access in the room and found it amazing that someone would give a hotel a bad review solely based on bad wi-fi connection. Ten years ago no one would even consider basing a review on that; "the times they are a changing".

Try as I might, I'm just not feeling very thoughtful or philosophical today. Not much to share I've just been sitting by the water using the towns free wi-fi connection as I wait for the water taxi to take me to San Cristobal Island. It will be a two hour ride and right now I really do not feel up to it, I am feeling a little dizzy, headache and stomach still isn't quite right.


I arrived in San Cristobal after the two hour boat taxi and started having significant right knee pain. I had been sitting in the boat for the two hours and the symptoms are what we call "theater seat syndrome". One of the symptoms of patellofemoral syndrome is knee pain from sitting in one spot for a long time like in a movie theater. It was difficult to walk down to the restaurant to get something to eat. I am frustrated and a bit disappointed now. I am considering just calling it quits, go back and work for awhile then when my knee gets a bit better come back in three or four months to continue.



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