January 24, 2012

DAY 68

I felt sleepy today, this morning I went out on a hunt for good coffee. Most places have only instant coffee but after some asking around I found a restaurant that serve good coffee, cappacino's, mocha's, espresso's, etc... They also have great desserts like tiramisu and chocolate cake. This is a rare find for Ecuador.

My days have been so filled with non-stop hiking and exploring the islands that I needed a couple of days to rest and relax. A couple of mornings we were up at 5 am to get a start on the day and 8 days of a very full schedule was enough for me.

This has been such a great experience and now I am finding myself just relaxing without any schedule. No time to be anywhere or do anything. Just walk to the beach enjoy the sun and relax. I can change my airline ticket for a $20 change fee and stay here for several months if I want. But I will need to move on if I want to experience more of South America. There are so many places to explore and so much to experience. I had conisidered getting my diving certification here in the Galapagos and I also want to spend a week or two somewhere studying Spanish. If I wait too long It will be getting late in the year to experience Patagonia. Although I try to just live in the moment and in synchronicity, I do need to consider the futre a bit due to weather changes in the areas I wish to go to.

I treated myself to a very nice meal in the late afternoon complete with an appetizer with fancy sauces and stuff. While sitting there enjoying an exquisite meal, feeling the ocean breeze across the open deck I thought about where I am in life. I feel so lucky to be in this place at this very moment and at times I think that such wonderful experiences are better when shared. There are times I truly enjoy being out on the road alone in my thoughts. Other times I just wonder what is this all about and what am I really doing.

Sometimes I get too philosophical and question everything. I see people as just other spirits inhabiting physical bodies learning their own lessons in life and there are no rights or wrongs. Other times I can get judgemental, critical and my own biases come up. Having some awareness can be very challenging, whoever said "ignorance is bliss" was correct.


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