January 23, 2012

DAY 67

I felt like the bed was gently rocking as if I was still on the boat last night. I got up and still felt as if the ground was slightly moving. It was eight days on a boat and it might take a day or two for my equilibrium to get used to stable land.

Breakfast at the hotel was expensive by Ecuadorian standards, three dollars for a complete breakfast with fresh juice, coffee and hot chocolate. Most other areas it is two dollars or less, but this is the Galapagos Islands and it really is cheap to be here, just expensive to get here. Accommodations as cheap as $10 a night and meals for $5 and less. A person could spend a whole summer here and spend less than a 1 month vacation in the states. The weather is fantastic, the beaches are beautiful, the water is a clear emerald green and wildlife everywhere.

I got an email from Simon stating they were at "The Rock" having lunch about 20 minutes after I left there. It is just a block away from this hotel so I walked down and we made plans to go to Tortuga Bay and some other lagoon that was supposed to be perfectly calm waters and pristine white sand beaches.

After they finished lunch we hopped a short taxi ride to the other side of town and walked a long path to a beach on the other side of the island. It was then a walk down the beach and around a point to the lagoon. We had a very pleasant swim and enjoyed the afternoon. The beach was absolutely perfect and tourists don't typically come out here because of the long walk to it. There were just a handful of locals hanging out on the beach with us.

We had made conversations this afternoon from politics to the benefits of eating organic, non-gmo etc... Also discussed environmental concerns, eco-friendly products and building techniques. It was a good afternoon and I wish I had them for neighbors.






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