January 22, 2012

DAY 66

North Seymour Island
at sunrise



Frigate bird displaying for courtship





one of the challenges of getting a photo of the Frigate birds displaying is the fact that everyone has to stay within the trail. It is a challenge to find a bird that happens to be at a good angle for composition and the light being at a good angle on the bird. I'm not very happy with these photos of them displaying and was not going to post them.


juvenile Frigate


Blue-footed Booby
I find it incredible how they came up with these names, Booby because bobo means "stupid" or "fool". They thought it was a stupid bird but what many humans fail to realize is that all the species have adapted perfectly to survive in their environment. These birds and other animals are exactly the way they should be for their specific environment. Humans come along and screw everything up.






The morning ended being dropped off on Baltra Island and thus ending the boat tour. A short ferry trip back to Santa Cruz Island and then a taxi to Puerto Ayora. I looked around for a decent hotel and the prices ranged from $10 a night to $125 a night. The $125 a night hotels are for the tourists visiting here who booked in advance and do not know the normal prices. While I was wandering the streets looking for a good hotel with wi-fi I ran into Alice. She is the Australian from Academy Bay Tours that booked me on the boat tour. I asked her for a recommendation and she walked with me to Hotel Espana, a very nice hotel with wi-fi, AC and hot water. The price without AC was $25 and a room with AC was $30 so I checked in and got a room with AC.


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