January 21, 2012

DAY 65




I was not feeling 100% this morning, I had a headache and felt like I had a slight setback. The afternoon water was very cold and my teeth were chattering from the cold. I felt very fortunate to be surrounded by so many sea turtles and am very glad I went but This morning I decided to skip on the short hike and stay out of the water.

I had heard from someone else who stayed back from an excursion yesterday that a fishing boat came up and the crew traded food from this boat for fish. We assumed we would be having fish for dinner, but that was not the case. This morning I witnessed a fishing boat come up and the crew went over and came back with several large crates of fresh fish. Then they raided the food storage with large plastic bags and took a lot of food over to the fishing boat. The last item to take over was a large watermelon. I made a comment to one of the crew, "fish?", he said "si" and in Spanish indicated "fresh fish" with a big smile. I asked "dinner" he grinned and said "no". It appeared the crew were trading various food items for fish. I have no idea waht this was all about but it seemed odd. As soon as the finished the transaction two of the crew jumped in the dinghy boats and sped away to get the group, they were running late because this seemed to take a bit longer than expected. The crew were all smiles and very pleased with what they got.

I certainly do not feel the crew respect the people in this group or even these islands. The people who live here do not make much money and see these foreigners coming here spending more money in a day than they make in a month or even two months.

There was a point where I saw one of the crew toss a tea bag out a window. I was standing about four feet from the window on the outside deck and saw the tea bag get thrown out.

I am getting the feeling that the locals are not unlike many other people in the world who just care about what they can get for themselves at the risk of destroying the area where they live. Many of these locals appear to live in an "egocentric" way as I described in the "about this ride" section. Such a shame and a disappointment for me to see these behaviors in the people who live here. The irony of it is that I like the people when I sit down and talk to them, many of them are just unaware.








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