January 20, 2012

DAY 64

A trip like this has advantages and disadvantages. You cannot visit any of the islands without a guide and there are many strict rules and regulations which are intended to help preserve this area. My ideal would be to have a one on one guide with a customized tour to allow many hours at one spot just being with nature. With a group you cannot be alone in nature but getting with the smallest group possible is a really good idea. The small boats with a max of 16 people makes for a much more personalized tour with some flexibility due to the small group. There is a ship that has as many as 100 people on it and that would not be my kind of thing.







painted locust






on the western side of Isabela island




Lava lizard





Whale skeleton





swimming with stingrays


Swimming with Sea Lions









a sign indicating the equator, I am now back on the north side of the equator







a glorious ending to a fantastic day

During the evening one of the passengers told me about places to visit in Argentina and the Patagonia region. Linus is from Switzerland and is traveling with his wife and 10 year old daughter. They currently do not have a house for a home and their home is a large Mercedes motorhome. The daughter is being home schooled as they have been traveling for a couple of years now with no plans to stop traveling. Both of us agreed that us travelers are the normal ones and the others are the not normal ones. Many people in all western cultures who are sold on the idea of work, work, work to buy stuff and be more productive with the need to stay in one spot, do not really understand that to truly live, you need to get out on a journey. The whole history of humans has been nomadic, we are inherent wanderers on the planet. It has not been until recent history when humans discovered how to farm land that people stopped traveling from place to place. That is when we began to lose our connection with nature. Previously we needed to be connected, to know animal migrations, to know the seasons and where to go for edible plants. Our survival depended on being in tune with nature and moving around in a way to coexist with nature.

There is always a way to break that cycle. One man left Japan with $2.00 in his pocket and for the past 10 years has been working any odd jobs around the world and even doing magic tricks on street corners for money. Another person I know had no money but for 10 years traveled working in youth hostels and any other job he could find along the way. The only barrier is fear. The ego mind easily comes up with reasons why it won't work and why it cannot happen. All those reasons seem extremely valid and we think that it is impossible.



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