January 13,2012

DAY 57



I saw Ulrike in the morning and asked her how it went yesterday and apparently it was not good. My impression is that Ian is traveling, having fun, and enjoying the company of others but is strictly out to just have fun. Ulrike was looking for something different after just a few days.

I had a $1.75 breakfast and then packed all my things. I stored my bicycle and extra gear at the hotel and then we got a taxi for the airport. Once checked in I went around exploring some of the shops at the airport, the plane was to start boarding at 11:00 and the flight was scheduled to leave at 11:30.

I decided to sit down at a restaurant to eat a nice grilled chicken sandwich and relax for 30 minutes, it was 10:30. Ulrike came over and joined me and seemed anxious to got to the flight. It was 10:55 as I walked through the place to check the bags and Ulrike exclaimed "we're late!" Apparently our names were called over the intercom that I did not hear but when I stepped on board the plane at 11:00, there were about 20 people total on this big jet airplane. It seems as though not many people were on the flight and they wanted to go ahead and fly earlier than the scheduled time. It was about 5 minutes before the final three passengers were on board and the plane was able to leave.

We landed on Baltra Island which was very flat and desert like. There were cacti everywhere, also tourists everywhere. We took a ferry to the main island and then a one hour bus ride to Puerto Ayora. I was surprised to see how developed the area is. Relatively large town with people living here, schools and people who make their living here just like any other town. I wondered how much the population growth will be impacting these islands. The large communities are likely to cause more damage than the eco tours here.

After arriving it was time to find a hotel. The first one we went into I liked, $10 for a room without a bathroom, it had shared ones out in the hall and $25 for one with a private bathroom. Ulrike wanted to check others and after seeing 6 others I ended back at the first one. She checked in too but decided she did not like her room, checked back out and found another place to stay.

first sighting of the Galapagos


After arriving in Puerto Ayora we took a water taxi to check with one of the larger tour agencies.





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