January 12, 2012

DAY 56

I met Ulrike downstairs this morning as she was headed out to look for breakfast. Just outside the door we ran into Ian who was supposed to be on the beach in Peru but just happened to be here instead. The three of us went for breakfast. After breakfast Ulrike wanted to be alone with Ian and they went their own way.

My cold worsened today and I still needed another day of rest.

I had bought some cough drops last night which seem to help with the cough but my sinuses are still running pretty continuously, gotta keep tissues with me at all times. This is snot funny!

I went to a pharmacy to get more cough drops, this time the communication was difficult, she tried to give me more antibiotics.

I decided that maybe that it may not be a bad idea to continue some antibiotics.

I only had 3 for 3 days at 500mg each 1 per day x 3 days

she gave me 6 to take q 12 hours.

in addition I got cetrizina 10mg and dolodran extra strength.

I went back to my room and got the old package of cough drops and went to another pharmacy to see if I could get more. The woman there did not have that brand but pulled out a different type saying it was better. Oracol Fresh. I now have a complete drugstore with me!

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