DAY 54

Made a trip to Caja with Ulrike today.

I felt good most of the day and had some great energy hiking around the area with very little difficulty. I feel like I've gotten acclimated to this altitude as I felt at ease while Ulrike was breathing hard and had some difficulty. The altitude was 13,000 feet at the lowest point and goes over 14,500 feet.

The area was absolutely beautiful! Everywhere I looked I felt like it was some sort of dream. The clouds in the sky would shift changing the light on the landscape, for the most part is was a very soft light all day. The combination of a beautiful area and the softness of the light made it very surreal.















there are about 270 lakes and lagoons in this area, and many streams and waterfalls

that last photo was taken while sitting on a rock having a lunchtime snack












Llamas are in teh region, we hiked up to a ridge and found this level area with a Llama



we were able to get about 10 feet away before the Llama started walking away.





We walked down the road and found a restaurant for a late lunch



everywhere I go I see Coca Cola in glass bottles, they quit using glass in the states many years ago

This was an incredible day and if I ever make it back to this region I will definitely spend more time here.


During the late afternoon I started feeling effects of this nasty cold I have,sore throat with difficulty swallowing and a bit of a headache. We sat out by the road until a bus came by and flagged it down.

When we got back into town we stopped at pharmacy and antibiotics were recommended for me.

Curam 625mg (Amoxicilllin 500mg + Clavulanic Acid 125mg)


Febrax 575mg (acetiminophen 275mg + naproxen sodium 300mg)

both available without a prescription and total cost $3.00

NOw I hope to really knock this thing out!


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