January 9, 2012

DAY 53

Last night we went to a vegetarian restaurant and I was feeling great. My energy was back and was on the right track except for the persistent cough that developed when I got to Alausi. This morning In the middle of the night I had diarrhea from last nights meal and my throat was getting a bit worse. I probably should not have eaten uncooked veggies that were probably wahsed in the water. I also should have avoided the evening walk in the cold air with this cold that is developing. But it is what it is I just need more rest now.

I walked to the pharmacy and got what they had for a sore throat. I assumed I would get cough drops but they only had Rx meds so I was given Decatylen to take 1 three times a day for three days. For the diarrhea I was given imodium to also take three times a day for three days.

My cough and sore throat also started turning into some nasal congestion and it appeared to be progressing some in the afternoon. I know I should be doing natural, holistic remedies but I do not know how to find that stuff here. I really need to keep my symptoms at bay so I can continue with my plans. I used google translate to find the right words to describer all my symptoms and went back to the pharmacy to find out what I needed. I was given Broncotosil and Acrogrip for my cough and other symptoms. In total all my prescription meds have cost me $5.00! AND NO doctors appointment needed. What I have always known is the pharmacist is better at knowing what a person should take than the doctor anyway so why are the doctors gatekeepers for the drugs used on many of these common symptoms? Anyway, it just seems like it adds more cost to our healthcare system with so much redtape and regulations we have.

anyway, song of the day for me:


I find it amazing that no matter how much work I do, the negative thoughts can still be so powerful! I had a bad experience at a bookstore today with the only employee in there who was extremely rude. She found her facebook page to be much more important than any of the customers in there. I will not go into any of the details but a rudeness so unbelievable it is worthy of a John Cleese skit in Fawlty Towers. But I need to be appreciative of this lesson to show I still have more work to do, but darnit if there were not any rude people like that than I would be just fine!! :)




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