January 7, 2012

DAY 51

I got up strength to ride a bus, still have not had any food for 36 hours now but I wanted to get somewhere else. The hotel room was not fun being in and I needed to go somewhere new.

It ends up that the buses have a very large cargo area in the rear where I can store my bicycle. I got on a 10:30 bus and was on my way. The busses here are crazy as I have said before and it too a lot of effort to keep me from getting motion sickness.

This bus give tours of the Golden Gate Bridge, I better hop on and head home to the US!

At one stop an obvious foreigner gets on, easy to spot them, it was the blonde hair and blue eyes that gave it way. Anyway, I spoke with Ulrike from Germany who has been traveling for 15 months.

We talked about our various plans and places to visit. She is going to the Galapagos and we had a philosophical discussion about going there and other fragile environments. The Galapagos may not be around much longer regardless if I go or not. One of the biggest problems are the people who live there and raise sheep that eat the grass down too low for the turtles to eat as well as many other issues. Anyway, I do not know all the issues surrounding it or what is right or wrong but it is a place with some pristine beauty and the wildlife will come right up to you.

When we arrived in Cuenca, Ulrike had a small guide book about the town, hostals, hotels and places to visit. I decided to take her lead in looking for a decent hostal to stay at. She has been doing this for 15 months in many countries plus she knows the language here. We made a quick stop at a little cart with coconuts to get some fresh coconut water. Ulrike also said if you ever need sterile water than open a coconut.



We made our way from the terminal and started with the close in ones eventually working our way many blocks to the ones that were recommended. It ends up the ones that were recommended where twice the money and most where filled up. That is the area that caters to the tourists and gets away with charging double for everything. We made our way back to the first place we had looked at and checked in there.



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