December 1, 2011

DAY 14


I made an interesting observation, the store bought milk comes in foil bags.

People here in South America will wonder why I bother photographing ordinary stuff like milk packaging but it is quite different from the United States. I find these little details very interesting to me. We have the same stuff but just a little different.

milk in a bag! This would sure cut down on all the packaging used in the United States if we adopted this system. But wait, how is this practical, it will just fall over and spill in the fridge.

put it in a hard plastic container made for this which gets reused indefinitely

Another little detail that is different is how dish soap is used. Most people use liquid dish soap in a plastic bottle.

Here they have a permanent dish used to put dish soap in that is a little more solid and you just wipe your sponge in it while washing dishes.


In the evening I went with Sandra and her boys to the school auditorium to see Nicholas play the flute. Along the way there were motorcycles everywhere. The motorcycles will have up to 5 people on one, baby, small child, parents and a grandparent all squeezing together on one. I saw young teenage women and grandmothers riding motorcycles. This is not ever seen in the United States, motorcycle riding is normally a male dominated activity and here it is just another means of transportation which is cheap and much faster to get from point A to point B. They seem to outnumber cars on the road and they are eveywhere trying to squeeze in between cars and darting around. A lot of people do not obey the stop sign and stop lights as long as you can squeeze your way through, you just keep going.

The roads here are just like Bogota, you have to pay very close attention to everything while driving. Even the steel covers for the sewer pipes are missing frequently and that would not be fun driving into one of those. I skirted some on my bicycle in Bogota and it was quite scary looking down into a very large deep hole that I could have ridden into if I had not been paying attention. Apparently they are frequently stolen for the metal. Some of the potholes in the road are almost as bad too! They do have very poor roads here but at least the people are friendly :)

Nicholas playing a flute

playing a xylophone



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