November 25, 2011



Tomorrow morning I will be packing my things and leaving. I have been here one week, much longer than I anticipated. Saturday was chosen so that Ciro and Pilar can ride with me out of town and share that initial journey south with me. In a way it has seemed too easy here, I know journeys for soul and spritual growth usually comes with hardships along that way. Here has been nothing but joy filled with wonderful people.

It would be so easy to stay in Colombia, venture out to go meet new people and then just fly back home where I will be back in my comfort zone. Part of me secretly would like to do that, but my true self knows there is a long road ahead and the journey is the most important thing to do.

breakfast, they actually eat hard boiled eggs like this, open a top part of the sheel and eat the inside out with a tiny spoon. I'm used to peeling the shell off and eating it down in 2 to 3 bites, this is a slower way to eat.


We went to visit Gregory's home for the evening. Along the way we stipped at one of the many shops that line all the streets so Pilar and Ciro can buy something for them. It seems to be tradtition that when you visit a home, you take food with you.

The family is just like everyone else I have met so far, the time together is centered around eating good fresh made food and lots of conversation. This evening we played games like Coca, Genga and something else I do not know the name of. The whole family is incredibly respectful, kind, considerate and appears to have a big heart. I really enjoyed being in their presence.

homemade cart for going down the steep hill

I made a video of it too but will upload that another time

Gregory mastering the game Coca

Ciro trying Coca

I was not so lucky, even with my martial arts like attention

Pilar trying this other thing that I've seen before but do not remember the name of it.

Gregory's family

a close came of Jenga


One interesting point is that I have seen a few people around wearing masks due to the pollution. My one concern with living somewhere like this would be the amount of pollution in such a low oxygen environment.


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