November 22, 2011




Today was a relaxing day to rest and catch up on my journal entries and photos. I have a lot of videos but they take way too long to upload, I'm restricted to videos less than a minute long.

breakfast :)

lunch :)


One of Ciro's best students wanted to meet me and he stopped be today. Gregory brought me a gift for my bicycle ride, it is some sort of energy bar that cyclists use frequently here. he did not know any English and we all know I am stupid with Spanish. So we hung out and spent a lot of time using lots of hand signals and google translate to try to communicate.

Many hours passed as he took a very strong interest in what I was doing. He is very smart and has plans on being a machanical engineer. He invited me to his home to meet his family so plans were made for Thusday so Ciro can be there too, I need a translator.

Gregory asked if I had a facebook page and wanted to friend me, all the young people have facebook pages and when I was at the school the young gals thought I was "intelligent" because I had a facebook page. Not sure if something was lost in translation with that term.

After we exhausted a couple of hours having what would normally be a 20 minute conversation, I got the Colombian stickers I bought yesterday and we went to put them on my bicycle. I also added a picture of a Morpho Blue butterfly, the image was sent to me by a dear friend and I put it right at the most prominent part of my bicycle.

I spent a little bit of time looking at options for sacred sites along the way. Ciro and I pulled all my maps out and looked at routes to make sure I don't miss important places.

Pilar spent some time in the evening talking to her niece on an internet video call. Her neice wanted to meet me so I made my best attempts at words like "Hola". Ciro translated the conversation. It was quite fun to watch Pilar video chat with her neice as both of them were going through my just updated website with days 1-4.

Pilar looking at my website on the internet

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