Day 45

Denise, my waitress (wearing black), and her
co-worker standing outside Al's Bar & Grill.


Peppy Joe's, next to the old hotel.

Bohemian architecture in town.


And more Bohemian architecture in town.


Entering Lucas.

The Garden of Eden.


Another view of The Garden of Eden.


Inside the house.

The Grassroots Art Center.


This is a very small collection taken from the yard after another grassroots artist died.


Model T Ford - Sculpted completely from limestone.

Grassroots artist Inez Marshall painted on wall in background.


A church made of all limestone with people inside.


The backyard of a 99 year old "grassroots" artist.


Group of ladies I met at the "K-18 Cafe"  from left to right:
Eileen, Marie, Sandy, Leigh, Mary,  and Laura.
Waitress Amanda - Behind the counter.


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