DAY 157

August 18, 1999

OK well I decided that at $45.00 a day for a rental car, that would be cheaper than the $60.00 a day for a motel. So I went and rented a car and planned to sleep in it.

First I went back around 4th Ave. and the side streets off of it. I like to investigate and find all those little small out of the way shops, the ones tourists never find. In doing so, I discovered The Crooked Rascal. This place is owned by a 17 year old girl named Marie. They offer a large selection of ‘zines. The ones you’d never find anywhere else. There is a sofa with a community typewriter on the coffee table. Everyone is welcome to sit and type in whatever they want. Marie also has a community camera so anyone can take photos with it. This is a neat little place that is especially great for young teenagers to hang out, not old guys like me :)

Now, I get the rental car, my god can I still drive? Especially in a big city like this. Ahhhhhhhhhhh all the cars and everything. Man this is weird actually driving.

I made a few more calls to other places that rescue dogs from being put to sleep. One of the calls was to "Homes for Huskies". After speaking to Nina, she was a bit hesitant in letting me adopt a dog, but invited me over so she could meet me and let me see the huskies she has for adoption. They are very thorough in making sure that the dogs get a good home. That was something I respected, her concern for the dogs and making every effort to place them in good homes.

When I arrived at Nina’s home she took me out back to see the husky she thought I would like. They all have different personalities and many are somewhat aloof. The black and white one Nina showed me was not as aloof and would make a great companion. I was a bit nervous knowing that I was being evaluated by Nina to see if I would be a good pet owner. Geeez the pressure I was putting on myself made me feel a bit awkward at times. Did I say the right thing? Am I presenting myself properly? I thought to myself "yes, I would make a good parent". We talked about some of the different personalities and I expressed my concern of getting a dog that would be a good companion. But then I think a lot of it is the owner as to how a dog turns out to be. It was important to me to have a companion that would go on hikes and camping with me. And if I decide to do the Appalachian Trail, I would want a loyal dog that won’t run off and get lost in the woods.

The black and white female dog Nina showed me had a sister that looked just like her. She was already adopted and now will I be the new parent of this one??? This husky is a beautiful dog and about 20 months old. I walked her on the leash a little bit and then she sat inside the kitchen as Nina and I talked about me adopting her. Wow, I couldn’t believe that I was actually nervous like I was adopting a baby. Nina asked for references and I gave her the names and numbers of many people. Now I must go home and wait until the decision is made. Nina will call all the references tomorrow and now I wait. I just wanted to say "but I really am a good person and I would make a good daddy for her" :)

Wow now I have to stay in the motel so I will have a phone number to be reached at. So there goes my plans on saving money by sleeping in a rental car. But that’s OK the money does not matter one bit :)


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