DAY 156

August 17, 1999

HAH! Mike said he was going to get up at 5:30 am, drive there, and let Charity and I sleep on the way. He too wanted a full day in Homer, but it was me that finally made the first move and got up at 9am.

We drove the rest of the way down the Kenai peninsula and passed large fields of fireweed, whitecapped mountains, and spectacular scenery.

Homer was a neat little oceanside town. The beaches are mostly smooth flat rocks. There were a lot of fishing boats and more glaciated mountains in the distance. Seagulls, bald eagles and ravens were all along the shores competing for food. The salty dog saloon was the main hub for locals to hang out, gossip and have a drink. It was also like many of the other small town saloons that have tourists coming in. There were many dollar bills and other items all over the walls and ceiling, all signed with towns and countries of where these people were from.

Unfortunate for me, the big bald eagle that was along the shore was too quick for me to get close enough for a photo. I got one as he started flying away, it is not as good as I wanted it but it is still pretty cool. After spending the day exploring the town and the sights around, we headed back to Anchorage since Mike had to work tomorrow. We made many stops along the Kenai Peninsula and I took photos of mountain reflections, fireweed fields, icebergs and glaciers.

* Update 04/08/2002 - Mike and Charity have a 15 month old baby and are proud parents :)

Today's Pics

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