DAY 154

August 15, 1999

Today Charity and Mike picked me up at the Motel and we drove out to Barbara Falls. In the distance the mountains that are near Anchorage, were mostly covered in thick clouds. The dark, black mountaintops of one range jutted up out of the thick white clouds.

We drove into the mountains until we arrived on a road that had a dead end. We parked and went for a short hike into the forest. It seemed like a rain forest with the lush greens, and bright yellow and orange mushrooms dappled everywhere. The intense lush, moist, rich environment reminded me of the feminine mystique. So inviting but yet so mysterious. It was all I could do to keep from running through the waterfall and then lay in the bosom of the deliciously green, wet forest. Ahhh the smells were so incredible as I breathed them in with the moist air that tingled my nostrils. I wanted to just stay lost in the wiles of the forest that enchanted me.

But Mike and Charity brought me back to reality as we decided to go to town for the evening. While driving back into town we decided that we would go to Homer on Tuesday if Mike could get the day off work.

For dinner we had pizza at Uncle Joe’s Pizzeria, and then hung out on 4th avenue for the evening.

Today's Pics

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