DAY 153

August 14, 1999

Alison stopped by the motel as I just finished changing rooms to one at the end of the hall. It was supposed to be quiet there. Alison and I went to the City Market that they have on Saturdays. After talking to the artist at his booth for a few moments we went over to see how Lucas was doing. Lucas had a place set up and was sketching portraits of people. He took a few moments to do a sketch of Alison.

Then Alison and I went around the market looking at all the stuff there. A large variety of everything, vegetables, artwork, cloth material, and just about anything you can imagine. Crowds of people moving in and out of the booths people have set up. Everyone looking to find a good deal on something on this warm sunny day. I was really glad the clouds went away revealing a nice blue sky.

After leaving the city market we then went to the Side Street Espresso Café for mocha. Then after going to the docks we went to Ship Creek, where there are usually a LOT of people crowded in the stream fishing for salmon. There were not too many today, but it always amazes me how all those people can fish so close together without getting their lines tangled up. Alison and I went over to an old train yard and looked around a bit. On the way back Alison slipped in the mud and got mud all over her. I was trying not to laugh but it didn’t matter since she thought it was funny and laughed it off.

Alison drove me to meet her friend Megan but being unable to find her we decided to get together another day. It was getting close to the time for me to meet Mike. So we decided that we would try to get together with Lucas to go around for some more photography around town on another day.

I met Mike at New Sagayas where we had an expensive, but very good, pizza. It rained for a little while in the early evening and later we walked around town shooting photos of the wet streets at night. (refer to pics)

Today's Pics

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