DAY 152

August 13, 1999

I told the artist when I got up that I was checking into a motel so I could isolate myself for awhile and get caught up on my writing. He looked at me and said "Are we cool?" I said "yeah we’re cool". "I don’t want any of this", he says while waving his hand and arm up and down vertically. "I don’t want a wall between us, I felt like there was one", the artist went on to say. I said "No everything is cool, I’ll call you before I leave town and stop by again." "Cool, that’s very cool. You know you’re allright", he told me. And then I left with all my gear and rode away pulling my trailer into the rain.

More riding in the rain all day.

I stopped by Camera Service Center this morning and talked to Mike about doing some photography around town together. We planned to meet tomorrow at 4 pm and go to New Sagayas to eat. As he and a couple of others referred to New Sagayas as "where the beautiful people are."

I met up with Lucas and we went to a small café for lunch where we talked to his friend Megan that worked there. She was asking if we wanted her to get us tickets for the Ziggy Marley concert when she went to get hers. I really wanted to go, but decided not to. I can always go see Ziggy Marley another time, another place. But I want to make the most of the sights and people around town. Lucas took out a pen and did a quick 5 minute sketch of me on a napkin. He is very talented and the sketch was quite good (refer to picture).

Later in the evening, I went to the Inlet Inn. That was where I stayed my first night in Anchorage, since it is the cheapest motel. After checking in, I took a walk around downtown, along 4th avenue, and then watched the sunset over the mountain called the "Sleeping Lady".

But tonight was difficult to sleep as well. A lot of people were moving around in the hall and the TV next door was too loud. Then just as I thought it was getting quiet I heard a screams. Not next door but across the hall and down a door or two. Geez, I was hoping that would end soon, and I was reconsidering my decision of staying in this motel.

Today's Pics

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