DAY 151

August 12, 1999

I’m still checking into dogs that may be destined to be put to sleep, and see if I can rescue one. It was very difficult walking by all the cages of the dogs at animal control, makes me want to rescue all of them. I also went to and checked my e-mail. It was all day of biking through town in the rain, with heavy downpours at times.

I checked on my camera and it was ready. While there I met a young photographer, Mike. He was very enthusiastic about my bike ride and strongly encouraged me to go to Vancouver Island, just like most people have. OK that’s it, I will finish my riding on Vancouver Island and take in all the immense beauty of the small islands around there that I keep hearing about.

Back at the artists this evening, Lucas was there again talking to him. The artist had told me that Lucas looks up to me and wanted to talk to me some. That is something I can’t handle very well, having someone look up to me. So I just hung out with Lucas and we talked about a little bit of everything. And when Lucas begins doing a sketch of me The artist joins in as they race to sketch me. When Alison showed up, I made plans to see her and Lucas this weekend. I wanted to hang out with the two of them while not in the presence of the artist. The artist is just too intense and takes everything literally. After we made tentative plans, the artist freaks out on Lucas. He told Alison to take him. Then when Lucas comes back in trying to figure out what the hell is going on, the artist runs outside into the backyard. I see Lucas go after him to see what is going on, but the artist just runs away to the other side of the garden and told Lucas to "just leave now!" Man that was weird, talk about a sudden change. I’m going to a motel tomorrow, he is a nice guy but too weird at times.

Lucas leaves and I ask the artist what was going on. He said that he just needs to create a little turmoil in Lucas’s life. I had noticed over the past several days that the artist has a very unsettled life full of turmoil and drinking every single night. But as one friend told me, 62% of all artists that make their living from their art, have some sort of neurosis.

The artist got into a very deep discussion again tonight, just like the other nights. Only this time he was babbling and started crying uncontrollably. I told him that I did not want to hear it and related a story about a friend of mine that said some of the same stuff and truly wanted to die. "Well I just might kill myself", he blurts out. Sh!t!!! how did I get myself mixed up in this crap!! "I don’t want to hear it", I said and then the artist went outside for awhile. A little later he came in apologizing and I told him we could talk tomorrow when he was sober.

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