DAY 148

August 9, 1999

Checked out of the hotel

Took camera to Camera Service Center.

I was there last year and had met John. He was still working there and remembered me. We talked a bit and I was informed that since they are the only repair place in town, it might be a few days before they can get to it.

I went and had my film developed.

Checked into hostel and went through the photos I had developed.

Met a teacher that has a one day layover in plane flights on his way out to west Alaska, way out there away from the rest of the world. I tried to sleep in the top bunk. A very noisy guy in the bottom bunk below me had crazy dreams as he kept tossing and kicking the wall and making all kinds of moaning sounds. Weird! … I hated this, couldn’t sleep, I’d rather pay extra to stay in a motel where I could get some sleep. I just hoped the other guys in the room didn’t think it was I making all those weird sounds while dreaming. In the morning I planned on checking out and getting a refund and go somewhere where I could sleep. I did better sleeping in the ditch along the road in the Yukon.

no pics today


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