DAY 146

August 7, 1999

OK lets just make this brief.

I've been spending some time yesterday evening and today at the All Alaska Gifts checking e-mail and stuff.  Today I got to meet Frank, he's an artist that sells his work there.  He brought in a sculpture of a stone sheep that had incredible detail to it.   While talking to him and questioning his art, I discovered that the foundry where the casting are done is located in Kalispell, Montana.  Cool, I've been there ;)   Frank was a great person to talk to and find out a bit about his artwork.  The piece he brought in has a price tag on it of $4,200.00!

yada yada yada 

I decided to go to Anchorage via shuttle service to get my camera repaired and then hop the shuttle back here to continue on.  If I decide to continue on that is.  The few days in Anchorage having my camera repaired will be enough time to make my final decision.

a) go home

b) go to Prudhoe Bay

c) go bike around Vancouver and surrounding islands and meet friends

OK so tomorrow the shuttle will leave at 2:30 PM and thrust me into a new adventure into Anchorage.

Today's Pics

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