DAY 145

August 6, 1999

I woke up early but just laid there on the ground in my sleeping bag.  This may be my last morning to wake up in the sun with the fresh air.  hmmmmm...  Just like that Chemical Brothers song - Let Forever Be, "How does it feel like to wake up in the sun....."    YES it feels great  :)

After a couple of hours I made some of my instant coffee and added several large scoops of hot chocolate to it  mmmmmmm  a mocha!!!  Bruce soon got up and he told me about a guy that would mix cereal, powdered skim milk, instant coffee and water in a bowl and eat it.  Just combine everything at once to make it quick and easy to eat and get the caffeine.  Hey that sounds like a great idea :)  We talked for a while and then I was off riding at 11:40 am.

The mountains were very scenic in the distance with different shades of a cool bluish gray.  When I reached Tetlin Jct., I saw something a bit different on the hillside by the road.  there has been a LOT of writing along the hillsides with rocks.  But someone decided to decorate with modern art.  A refrigerator, an oven with the door open and a large reflector in it, a bathroom sink and a toilet where all carefully placed and propped up on the hillside(refer to photo)

Arriving in Tok, I stopped at the visitor center and met Guro outside sitting at a picnic table.  There were 2 VERY large backpacks resting on the table and I knew she was on a serious journey.  We talked for a few minutes and she briefly told me about her and her boyfriends journey.  Both of them are from Norway and flew into Miami.  They have been travelling across the US and climbing all the highest peaks and went to climb McKinley form base to peak.  WOW, that is the highest climb in the world.   McKinley is the tallest mountain in the world from base to peak.  about 18000 feet exposed and Everest is about 10,000 feet base to peak.  Well the weather wasn't in their favor being this late in the year so they may try again next year.

After talking to Guro, I went into the visitor center and got ferry info to get to Vancouver Island, internet access, and motels around.  All Alaska Gifts had internet access and the Tok Saveway motel was the cheapest motel around.  I planned on checking into a cheap motel and organize my stuff while I make my final decision as to what to do.

The cheapest room they had was $38.00 and had no phone or TV and that was fine by me.   I didn't need a phone or a TV.

today - 40.62
avg - 8.5 mph
total 6155

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