DAY 141

August 2, 1999

It was very early in the morning when Kevin came to my tent and woke me up, 7:30 am I think.  He wanted to make sure he saw me before I left.  I was soooo tired and could barely talk, let alone get out of my tent.   The force of gravity had increased 10 times under my thermarest and I could not move.  We talked briefly and I was still in somewhat of a dream state as I spoke into the real world from the dream world.  Somehow, I managed to get my arm lifted and shook hands through the tent door.  Kevin is such a terrific guy, and I know I probably keep saying stuff like this in my journal, but I'm gonna miss him.

I got up very late and had a lot to do today.  First I went to Peabody's and picked up the roll of film I dropped of yesterday along with all the reprints I had done.   Sitting in Paradise North Coffeehouse (YES they're open again!!!!), I went through the photos I took of Andrew last Friday night at the Pit.  Wow I really do not remember taking at least half of these photos!!  geez how did I ever take these shots and get Andrew framed in the shot.  Man I do not remember taking most of these!   But luckily, they turned out great :)

Jessie soon joined me at the table in Paradise North, but soon got bored as I was working furiously trying to organize all the reprints for all those that wanted them.  After a couple of hours, I was getting really burned out on this and just wanted to get on the road.  I finally got them sorted but seemed to be one short on negative sets.   There should be 20 and I counted 19 but just threw everything in a box to be mailed and hoped that they were in there somewhere and will find them when I get home.  I really hope I didn't lose a set since there are some that I want to get blown up and make prints out of on each of these rolls.  Somehow Dawson City found a very creative photographer in me and I still cannot believe I took some of these photos.   Hopefully, I can sell some prints to help recoup some of the expense of this journey.

I am soooo far behind in everything right now.  My journal entries are waaaaay behind, but at least I have all the brief highlights written for each day and all I have to do is rewrite them.  There is no time for writing when my time is so consumed by all these really kewl people :)   All I have to do is get up, cross the ferry and walk into town.  There will always be someone I see that I know, the day just unfolds as I just flow with all the events and mostly just live in the moment for that day, just like most others here in this town.  I don't even have to look for anyone, I always seem to see anyone I want within 2 days.  There has never been 2 days in a row I didn't see a particular person.  But I never did see Manfred and Jacqui.   Last I saw them they left me on the side of the road heading toward Dawson City and then about 20 minutes later passed going in the other direction.  I thought they had forgot something.  Jacqui had said that she would like to see me in Dawson City and wished that her brother
there had a phone. I had told them that I would be easy to find either in a pub or a coffeehouse. Apparently they never made it to Dawson City????

Going to the post office, I mailed off all my photos and negatives home and sent what journal entries I had to be posted on the net.  Inside, I saw Jamie and Ceinwen,   unfortunately I didn't have much time here to get to know Ceinwen and only was around Jamie on a few occasions.  Both of them were very much the fun, quick witted partyin' types.  But this was it and Jamie and I talked for a little bit and then I was on my way.

Finding Karee Ann at the pool with the kids she watches for daycare, I gave her the copies she wanted of photos and also gave her Andrews copies to give him. Karee Ann has some excellent ideas for a retreat to provide holistic and alternative therapies.  When she completes her 4 year degree she plans on studying oriental medicine.  This is great, meeting all these people on my journey so we can all share knowledge and exchange ideas.  Just like meeting Scott and Donna in Eureka Springs and the many others along the way.  Wow, what a great journey I'm on.  This is something I will definitely have to do often in my life, if not once a year.  Maybe not to this scale, but some kind of journey.

I was headed to the general store when I saw Andrew, Jade, and Jessie at the Paradise North Coffeehouse.  Andrew gave me his address and a "twoney" for the prints I had got for him.  Even though I told him not to pay me, he felt like he should and I appreciated that.  We shook hands goodbye and I was off to finally get on the road.  Quickly I made my way through the general store and bought some stuff and then went back across the ferry.

Shawn was not at the campground, Anna said he went to see Yunita.  Darn!  She was going back across and I asked her if she would ask him to come over before I left.   It was getting very late and I really had to pack everything to leave today.   It was after 5 PM when I finally got ready to leave.  Kevin gets off work at 5 and I waited for him to arrive.  By 6pm I realized he must have got delayed in town and could no longer wait.  I almost took the ferry back across to find them, but that would kill at least another hour of time and I really had to get some miles in today.   geez I hope they don't think me a jerk for not even seeing them before I left.   But I know they will understand that I really had to get going.

Wow this is it!!!  I'm leaving my new home  :(  Goodbye Dawson City and all of those great friends I've made.  Some of the best times of this journey are here, and in my life.  For overall experiences, Dawson City by far exceeds all other places I've been on this continent.  Whitefish was an exceptionally wonderful experience, but Dawson had so many great people and experiences.  I've never laughed so much than here.

Ugh, uphill!!!!  My bike was creaking and squeaking with all kinds of new noises.   So much extra weight now and this grueling uphill.  I moved very slowly up "The Top of The World Highway".  After a few miles I took my last look at Dawson City and a couple of photos.  Continuing on, Dawson City leaves my sight and I pedal with mixed emotions again.  It was great to be pedaling again, but I really didn't want to leave.   The uphill continued on and on and on and on.   Finally after 11.73 miles at 4mph, I reached an area with my first small downhill before continuing uphill even more.  It was getting late, my left knee was hurting and I was tired.  So I found an area off the road and parked my bike about 200 feet from the road and slept on the ground in my sleeping bag.

Today's Pics

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