DAY 140

August 1, 1999

I woke up early feeling refreshed. Since I had PLENTY of sleep yesterday, it was no problem getting up early. Now I had to go find everyone else and make sure I see Jeremy and Jared before they leave today. I went across the ferry and made my way to the crack shack. Inside everyone was sound asleep except Jeremy, who was not there. So I took off looking for Jeremy and Hobbs. They were nowhere to be found so I decided to go to the Sun to write in my journal and try to get caught up while I waited for everyone to wake up. The waitress inside said that I had just missed Jeremy by 5 minutes. Oh well, I decided to stay anyway to do a little writing and drink some coffee. After about an hour I saw Karee Ann come in and sit at a table with some other girls I hadn't recognized. I briefly said hello and questioned her on my state of Friday night at the Pit. She didn't seem to think I was that bad, so I guess I am just putting myself through undue mental anxiety over being a little drunk. I left and headed to the crack shack to see if everyone was up yet. Approaching the crack shack, I found Jeremy outside with his dog Hobbs. Again I had to ask about my condition on Friday night since some of it is not in my memory. He just laughed at me and said "if your not drunk and falling down in the Pit, you don't blend in with everyone else." Jeremy had wondered what happened to me yesterday and I had told him of my miserably sick day. Then we went into the crack shack where Jeremy proceeded to wake everyone up by saying loudly "Alright rise and shine, time to get up!" Everyone was moving very slowly, moaning and not wanting to get up at all. After everyone finally got up, I was able to talk to everyone and they were cool about Friday night. So I guess was thinking I made an ass out of myself when I was just having a good time. The only thing that bothered me was what I could not remember all the details. But It's all good. I had an excellent time from what I do remember and it was like a huge release. But one thing I will try to make sure I never do again is get that drunk. I have too much respect for other people to allow myself to get totally drunk. A couple of drinks are OK or just hanging out and not drinking is OK too, but there is not much of an excuse for some to get drunk, it's not worth it.

Well this is it!!!! Jeremy and Jared packed everything up and was ready to leave. They are also giving Kelly a ride home in BC. Wow, I'm going to miss them. I was just getting to know them and now they are on their way. Everyone exchanged hugs and off they went in Jeremy's Toyota pickup truck with a camper shell and a canoe on top. Since leaving Maine, Jeremy and Jared have been driving with a flag attached to their canoe that says: "Coast to Coast Promoting Peace".

After they left I went to Peabodies Photo to drop off the roll of film I used on Friday night. Then I rode around and found Kelly in the field by the school. She had locked the keys in the truck and was waiting for Yunita to arrive with keys to get in. Soon, Yunita and Lisa arrived and then Kelly had to leave for work. The 3 of us sat in the grass and Lisa gave me a Reiki treatment to both my knees. Then I gave her a treatment consisting of c-spine mobilizations, traction. It was a very hot day, hotter than yesterday, and the sun was very bright. We decided to go get some ice cream. Lisa went to drop off a rented movie and was going to meet Yunita and I at Mme. Zooms.

Sitting in Mme. Zooms, Yunita and I both indulged in frozen yogurt cones. After about 30 to 40 minutes we realized that Lisa was not showing up. I said that she must have seen Sean somewhere. Lisa and Sean have a thing now and Sean and Anna are still good friends. It is a bit crazy how people come up here and meet and fall into relationships so very quickly. It is happening all around and some probably happen too quick and might be based on infatuation or just some lonely people needing someone. A lot of people here are on journeys and just exploring themselves and the world around. What a great place to hang out and meet people that may end up becoming "friends for life" as Gord put it.

Walking to Front Street, Yunita and I found Lisa with Sean and Jeremy on the boardwalk hangin' out in front of Maximillians. There is an ice cream shop there too and man there sure are a lot of ice cream cones being sold today. People are everywhere walking around with a cone in their hand. What a hot day it is today in the Yukon.

Later in the evening, Lisa drove Shawn and I up to the dome. I hadn't been up there and this will be my last night here in Dawson City. Tomorrow will definitely be my departure date, no matter what. We arrived up there about 9:30pm and the sun was still too bright for any evening shots and in the wrong place for any good photos of the town from here. Mornings are better for photographing the city from up here. I wish I would've known that before, I would've got up here in the morning on another day to take some photos. We hung out and I took some photos of the town and tried to figure out how to take a photo of me on the dome. Corey had taken a photo of himself as silhouette in front of the setting sun with a bright orange sky. That was a cool photo and it inspired me to try a similar shot. I took some photos early with a white sun before sunset and then we waited.

I was waiting for Sean to come up from down the hill where he was sitting with Lisa. "Hey Wade I'm naked" I heard and turned to see Sean dancing around naked. Shawn looked like Robin Williams in the movie "The Fisher King" when he was dancing naked in Central Park. At the same time I saw a busload of tourists coming up from the other side of the dome quickly approaching while Sean danced naked. I almost didn't want to warn Sean but for some reason I did and he got dressed just in time as the bus turned the corner. The tourists walked up on the dome while I had my camera set up with the timer to photograph myself. They walked right in front of my a camera, about 20 of them, and just looked at me. One guy laughed at me and said "you didn't want to take any photos anyway." The dome was now crowded with tourists, ahhhhhhhhhhh I hate tourists!! It was so nice and peaceful up here with just us and now them. But they soon left and Sean and I engaged in some highland games. We started with a log toss. It was a very large heavy log that was difficult to pick up, let alone throw. I beat him in distanced on throwing the log. Then we tried to throw a huge and heavy rock. I started and overran the stick from where I was supposed to throw. "Practice try" I said and then did it again. He went and beat me by a few feet. We had one more event as a tie-breaker when a lady came up with her dog and then we soon forgot about our game. The sky got very cloudy and the wind picked up. Kelly drove up on her break from work bringing Yunita and Jeremy with her. All of us stood on the dome hangin out when Kelly lost her nose ring. Everyone searched to no avail. Another small bus came up with some tourists and between them and the wind we were getting a bit crazy. When Kelly, Yunita, and Jamie were driving away, Sean mooned them from the dome and that drove all the tourists away. Cool alone again up here! By this time we realized there will be no way to get any photos of the sunset since the sky was filled with clouds. Sean was getting a bit crazy and told me to bash his head in with a rock right now.

We left and later in the night Sean, Lisa and I sat in the Sun and had shared a seafood platter for dinner. It was during our meal that I told them that from now on when I feel a bit crazy and insane like Sean was earlier, that I'm going to say that I'm feeling "domed". They laughed and agreed it was an appropriate term to use. My fortune cookie was blank and when I got another to replace it, it had some trivial useless saying. I forget what it said but something about a phone call I think.

By the end of the night I found myself standing around the small pickup truck with a camper shell on it that Yunita and Kelly live out of. It was Sean, Lisa, Yunita, Kelly and me standing around talking. Kelly gave me a fortune she had gotten out of a fortune cookie that said "Your life will be happy and peaceful" to replace the one I got earlier... that was so kind. geez I'm gonna miss all of them. Afterwards Sean and I walked back and caught the ferry back to the hostel campground.

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