DAY 138

July 30, 1999

I did some laundry this morning at the Laundromat beside The Paradise North Coffeehouse. Unfortunately, the coffeehouse is still closed so I couldn't hang out in there to wait for my clothes. Afterwards, I went to MME. Zooms for lunch. Inside I found Sean and Anna. Sean got this insanely large rocky road ice cream cone. The dips were stacked so high,I questioned his ability to eat it before it began melting on the floor. So he offered some to me to help him eat it down.

Then I went to the Eldo to finish sorting through all the photos and writing captions for them. When I got bored with that, I walked to the dyke and found Jeremy and Jessie sitting there in the grass hangin out with some others,and Jeremy's dog Hobbs.

I ran into Jared, Karee Ann, Jade and Kelly. They all fixed chicken burritos and rice. They gave me a plate with a burrito and a big pile of spicy rice, that was really good. Afterward, I worked on Karee Ann's back and found a couple misaligned vertebrae. Just a little rotated on one segment and with a little mobilization followed by a deep tissue massage with trigger point therapy, she was good as new. Good trade for a meal... "Will work for food". Later, I found myself sitting on the back steps of a building near the crack shack with Jared, Jade, Kelly, and Jessie. Jared didn't like tequila so he drank his pint of whiskey while the rest of us passed a bottle of tequila around. It was a big bottle, I think a 40 ouncer. It was intended to last for 2 nights in a row, but the girls got outta hand with it and so the bottle continued to be passed around. Jeremy appeared with a couple friends and said they were all going up to the dome to watch the sunset. The group said screw the dome we have a great sunset right here. "Sunset over the crack shack, what more could you ask for?" We sat there as they drove away to watch the midnight sunset and watched as the sun sank behind the crack shack. By the time we finished the bottle Jeremy was back and one of the girls with him took the last swallow of tequila from the bottle.

Then all of us made our way to the Pit. I was fine sitting down but as soon as I stood, wow! I knew I had too much! That is something I hadn't allowed to happen since the "tequila night" summer '95 during PT school. A night that my classmates may never forget, unfortunately :) Poor Jay having to clean up his kitchen floor after someone threw up on it, oh that was me. Good thing it was after everyone was gone and only Jay and Mark were around to witness it. By the time I made my way into the Pit I was really drunk. Geeez why did I let this happen again. I was having fun initially. Andrew was onstage playing his guitar and singing, so I took many photos of him. I remember feeling myself not in total control and seemed to be fading in and out of control over what I was doing. When this started happening I was smart enough to realize I should leave before made an ass out of myself. But before I could do that I remember screaming really loud "woooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo" after Andrew finished playing one of his songs. And that was yelled as loud as I could possibly yell it, I'm sure people outside could hear that one. Man that is something I have never done in public since I really don't like the sound of my voice, it is not a good screaming kind of voice. OK well now I gotta go, I remember getting ready to say goodbye and somehow my drunken self fell down down to the concrete floor. Jeremy was laughing at me and it was soon after that when I decided to go home.

Wow what a fun evening at the Pit, or was it? I don't remember riding my bicycle back and crossing the ferry. But I do remember making my way to the common room and finding Shawn, Kevin, and Anna hanging out in there. I talked to them for a long time and babbled a bit. By the time they were ready to sleep I was now a part of the sofa and for the life of me could not find the energy to make it to my tent. Shawn went and got me a glass of water and got my sleeping bag from my tent to bring me. He covered me up and I slept.


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