DAY 135

July 28, 1999

WOW, it is really difficult getting up early!   I dragged myself up and without eating and forgetting to brush my teeth, I quickly got up still dressed in yesterdays clothes, and crossed the ferry.  Most people around here always wear the same clothes for days at a time and only shower a couple times a week.  Anyway, I made it to meet Jeremy at "The Sun" where he was having breakfast with Andrew, at 7:45.  Just a little late but he was till eating so it was OK.

On the 6 hour ride to Whitehorse, Jeremy and I really go to talk a lot.  We were able to discuss our philosophies on life and differences in our beliefs on an un-emotional basis.  Just like in philosophy class where you look at the objections to your point,   recognize how the other person can come to that conclusion, and never let emotions get involved.  He has had some philosophy courses and shared much of my beliefs except for a few points.  He was shocked at some of the stuff I was saying, and the many parallels to Alan Watts.  I've never heard of Alan Watts but he told me that I have to read his stuff. 

Other than philosophy we also discussed our personal lives and what we were doing prior to our journeys.  This is Jeremies first journey and he too is going to have a difficult time adjusting back to the real world.  He has always been very disciplined in college and trains at least 4 hours a day.  Jeremy is training to be a professional fighter.  But he is a very nice guy that is very humble in his achievements.  He views fighting as a sport and doesn't confuse any of it on an emotional level.  It is just an objective sport of skill and at the end he always hugs his opponent and congratulates them on their fighting, whether they won or lost to him.  With his demanding class schedule in college, which he's maintaining a 4.0 average, and his training, he barely has time for much of a social life.  And now it is nothing but one giant journey of socializing and meeting wonderful people, like those here in Dawson City.  He told me that he and Jared planned on visiting Montana before going back to Maine, so I gave him
a few places to visit in Whitefish, such as Boogie Brown's, and Whitefish Times.

When we arrived in Whitehorse we immediately dropped off my film at fotovision.   Carla's mom owns it so I was able to get a discount on processing.  Carla is the girl we met in Dawson City with the funky pants.  Anyway, afterwards we went and checked in the Family Hotel.  While standing at the counter, I saw Gord through the inside window in the laundry room.  Immediately, I went out and said hello, and he was pleasantly surprised to see me.  We talked for a few minutes and then I told him that we would definitely be out to see him tonight.

After getting settled on our room, Jeremy tried to call Jasmine to find out what her and Carla were up to.  Unfortunately he had no luck.  We spent the rest of the time walking around town visiting some bookstores and shops and at 7pm picked up my photos.   Back in the hotel room I began sorting through and organizing all of them.  It proved to be a bit difficult putting them in order and assigning dates to all of the photos.  I called and ordered a large pizza and we indulged in a vegetarian pizza and giant cokes.  The cups were so large, they must have been at least one liter!

Realizing the time, we hurried to get to the Capitol, to watch The Falcons perform.   We were about 20 minutes late.  Going inside, the doorman informed me that I cannot take any photos.  Anyway, they were playing as we walked in and when they completed the song, Gord had recognized me when we walked in and said hello to me.  I waved back.  When it was time for a break, Gord came over and joined Jeremy and I.  He had told me that he lost a roll of film containing all the photos he took of Dawson City and the music fest.  I told him that I would send him copies, he then told me that he will send me a copy of each of their cd's and have the band sign them.  Great! They went back on and played some more, and I had told him that I will give him a few copies tomorrow, after I finished sorting through them.   So we planned on meeting at 10:30 am.  Jeremy decided to stay for a little while and finish a game of Mancala with a girl he just met there.

Walking back to the hotel, it was a cool, wet evening.  It had rained a bit earlier leaving the streets and sidewalks glowing from the reflections of street lights.  The sky is getting darker now with longer nights.  It was a dark blue sky as I walked down lighted streets breathing in the cool moist air.  What an incredible journey this is turning out to be!  So many good people in this world and the media would have the world to believe that we live in times of hatred and violence.  All they focus on is the negativity, but I suppose people like to read that instead of all the good that happens.  A murderer makes front page headlines, while anything that seems remotely positive gets buried in the middle or back.

Today's Pics

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