DAY 134

July 26, 1999

I got up as usual, waking up in my tent listening to the strange sounds of the ravens.  Some of the sounds are a deep echoed sound and there seem to be many sounds they make.  Almost like a knocking sound at times.   After I managed to get up halfway early, at 9am, I made it across the ferry and to the Westmark Hotel.  I found Bill in the dining room area having breakfast.  I joined him at his table and we talked for a little while.  He was interested in seeing my photography of the music festival and of Dawson City.  Bill quoted me a price for any he might be interested in, and I agreed to send some after my journey is complete.

Finding Paul, the local photographer I met on day 2 here in Dawson City, I also gave him the information so that he could submit some photos to sell.  Paul and I have been exchanging lenses quite a bit during my Dawson City stay.  He really likes my 20mm f2.8 lens and I like the 70 - 200 mm f2.8 lens he has.  So during the music fest we both benefited by swapping lenses back and forth. 

I saw Corey and he said said that he will be leaving tomorrow.  WOW, that's sudden.  Barely any notice to anyone.   I could only wonder what Karee-Ann was thinking.  They both have been very close and I think during the summer it might have been a bit more than just close buddies.   And now Corey will be departing to finish his "West Coast Chronicles", which will end in South America.  This must be tough for Corey to leave Karee-Ann. I only wish I had found more time to spend with Corey and getting to know him.  Both of us are on journeys, photographing and writing along the way.  He plans on writing a book after he is finished.  There are some things we have in common and I will be looking forward to sharing our stories with each other when our journeys are done.  We exchanged addresses and he gave me a few of his favorite photos. 

While Corey and I were hanging out, Karee-Ann went on her way. Later  I found her, Jeremy, Jessie, Jared, and Andrew at the Pit.  We soon left to get something to eat and play pool at the Sourdough Lounge in the Downtown Hotel.  Jeremy had a game called Mancala with him, and he taught me how to play this African game.  Of course he kicked my butt the first time, and the second time he had only one stone more than me, a very close game.  There wasn't much left to eat on the appetizer menu since they were out of most everything.  So we ordered a couple plates of french fries and all of us pigged out on those.

In one corner, an older gentleman and his wife, Alf and Carol,  sets up a a small table for the traditional "Sourtoe Cocktail".  For $5.00 you get a drink with an actual amputated toe in it.  But you have to let the toe touch your lips when you drink it.  Unfortunately, the toe has been accidentally swallowed on several occasions, ewwwww that is really sick!!  I watched as Sheri and Tyler did the Sourtoe thing.  Sheri let the toe touch her lips and Tyler actually proudly displayed the toe in his teeth(refer to photos). 

There is a website for the Sourtoe Cocktail at:

We were going to go in the Pit, but it was too crowded and had a line waiting to get in.   So we hung out in the "crack shack".  We passed the tequila bottle around for a few shots and soon Corey, Karee-Ann, Jade, and Kelly left deciding to try to get into the Pit.  I stayed behind with Jeremy and talked to him for a little while.   When I told him I was looking for transportation to Whitehorse to get my 16 rolls of film processed, he offered to give me a ride in exchange for gas money.  Cool, now I don't have to worry about hitch-hiking.  We talked for a little while but I had to leave since I was going to meet him at 7:30 am.  Wow, that is really early for me.  

It was midnight as I stood waiting for the ferry to cross back over.

Today's Pics

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