DAY 133

July 25, 1999

Cool, I worked concession again today. It is quite fun working, and I'm working for free! Ali and Rosy were working again today too. They are fun to work with and Lou is a riot! She is very animated and always laughing. When I first met Lou, I immediately felt comfortable around her and she is very funny. But all good things must come to an end and my shift ended at the concession stand. I'm sure I could've stuck around longer but I decided to try to get into the performers lounge. Kevin was working on that side and he helped me sneak in so I could hang out with some of the bands. Way cool dude! I walked from the inside lounge area to the deck outside and recognized some of the performers I saw playing yesterday. One of them, Dave from "The Mike Plume Band", really stands out. On stage he is very dynamic playing lead guitar. He jumps and makes gestures to the audience. Walking up to a table where Dave was seated with 2 other performers, I could barely get out "hello" when Dave said to me "check this dude out" while pointing to a picture on the front page of a newspaper. I sat down in the empty chair beside Dave and studied the photo for a second. The photo looked like a guy with short blonde hair, crazy eyes and an insane grin, being led up a flight of stairs by police. "Who is he?" I asked. "It's a girl, man. Can you believe it?" Dave replied. Dave was freaked by the story and told me about how this chick murdered a 44 year old female physiotherapist, chopped up her body, put the pieces in boxes and stored the boxes in someone else's garage. The body parts were discovered after they started smelling. Man that is SICK!! The photo that was taken of me sitting with the performers shows Dave holding up the newspaper and pointing to the picture of the girl. Seated at the table with me were: Dave and Derek from "The Mike Plume Band", and Gord from "The Falcons".

I talked to all of them for awhile.  Dave and Derek have been together with "The Mike Plume Band" for 5 years.  I asked how difficult it is to travel and be around each so much and they said it's really cool.  Whenever someone needs time away they just get some time alone and all of them respect each other.  Dave said they will be performing in North Carolina in September: 

September 2 Charlotte N C UNC 12:00 noon

September 7 Charlotte N C Central Piedmont Comm College(12noon)

September 9 University of North Carolina @Wilmington 11:30 a.m.

Sept. 11 Greenville NC East Carolina University 10:00 p.m.

Dave gave me their website:
I told him that I'll look for them if I'm back in NC at that time.  

Gord was just a little bit older with a gotee and some signs of greying but a very youthful personality.  After Derek and Dave took off, Gord and I sat around and talked for a long time.  He related touring around the world and performing to my bicycle journey.  After touring and going home for awhile he said "normal life is a letdown".  Gord said that after I finish something as incredible as my journey, "what do you do for an encore?"  Going back to the real world is kind of scary to me and sometimes I think that I never want to return and just keep travelling.  But unfortunately the money will run out and I will be forced back.   We also discussed many topics and found out that we had a lot in common.  We traded addresses and planned to keep in touch.  While discussing Dawson City, Gord said that he really liked this place and called it "a great guarded secret".   After some great conversation in the warm afternoon sun, I went on my way and told him that I'll be back to watch them perform this evening at 9pm.

There was sincere interest in Gord's manner. It was quite refreshing to talk to someone pretty settled in his own skin. I only wish I knew how to play an instrument so I could have a "jam session". There are many people I've met, some curious with a superfical interest, others have been unkind, some sincere and concerned about my welfare. A large mix of people overall, but the ones that have a true sincere interest in exchanging thoughts and just spending time as "friends" are rare. Gord was one of those rare folks I've encountered on this trip, a friend that I did not know existed when I awoke this morning. Such things keep life exciting, not knowing what might happen each day makes it worth getting up every morning.

After leaving the park, I ran into Corey, Karee-Ann, Gypsi, Jade, and Kelly.   Luckily, I was able to get a hold of two additional wristbands to allow access into the tent area(shhhh don't tell anyone :)  and gave them to Corey and Karee-Ann.   Many people couldn't get in since tickets had been sold out for a couple of months in advance at $65.00 each.  Next thing I know we are all hanging out in the grass drinking a little tequila.  Now, I never drink enough to get drunk.  Just a few shots and I'm done.  I always make sure that alcohol never takes control of me, I always like to be in control.  So after just a few drinks, I had just a little buzz like drinking a couple glasses of wine or a couple of beers.  We sat around and talked for awhile and just enjoyed this moment while Corey talked in his Italian Mafia voice.  It was 11pm by the time I made it back to the tent and unfortunately, I missed "The Falcons" play.

Karee-Ann and I walked back into the tent and watched some of the Planet Smashers, a ska band, and then back to the corner where Jared and Jeremy set up their grilled cheese cafe'.  At the end of the evening Corey, Karee-Ann, and I went into the tent for the finale'.  All the performers got onstage and sang Bob Dylan's "Rolling Stone".  It was a great time, the tent was packed with people and their was a lot of energy in the air.  Wow this was GREAT!  I took many really good photos, but unfortunately too many to post on here.

I met a magazine editor while taking photos in the tent and he wanted to talk to me.   We planned to meet tomorrow morning at the Westmark Hotel where he was staying.

Today's Pics

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Update 03/15/2008 : I have recently been intouch with Gord Kearney. He is still playing and has some cool tunes that can be heard at