DAY 132

July 24, 1999

I worked concession from 11:30am until 3pm today. Another fun day of working. Afterwards I wandered around the park and inside the tent. There were booths set up outside the park where people were selling everything from clothes to jewelry, and one guy, Nathan, was selling didjeridoos. He was cool to talk to and shared some of his Zen-Buddhist philosophy. Leaving the park, I ran into Sean and Kevin. "Is today the day?" asked Sean. "What?" I said. "Is this the day?" he asked again. "What day?" I asked. "Your birthday", he said. I've been so focused on everyone else around that I totally forgot my own birthday. Wow, that has never happened in my life.

Well, a lot happened today. Since I am so far behind in re-writing my journal entries, I'll let the photos tell the story for now. It was a great time at the music festival. Excellent music with everything including folk, ska, alternative rock, guitar instrumental, and even a Ukranian band. Jared, Jeremy, Jessie, and Andrew, set up their camp stove in a corner of the park and began selling grilled cheese sandwiches for $2.00 each. That was a cool idea. I also found Corey and Karee Ann in the park. Corey yelled as loud as he could across the park "buy this guy a beer, it's his birthday!" but unfortunately people didn't come running to buy me a beer. Corey is on a long journey of the west coast and will end up in South America. I settled myself on a spot of grass with Sean, Kevin, Lisa and Anna for most of the evening. Unfortunately the "sh!t sucker" came and sucked out the stuff out of the port a potties that were close by. That wasn't a pleasant smell to have this big sewage truck drive near us. This was a lot of fun hanging out, mingling in with the crowds of people and seeing all the unique things happening. So many people all gathered in one spot to enjoy the music and have a good time. Several people were getting body painting done. And Jeremy delivered a grilled cheese to me and said he wished he had a candle to put on it since it was my birthday. What a great group of people here! And they are all from many different parts of this continent. Jeremy and Jared are from Maine and just happened to stop here and decided to stay for a little while. How incredible it is that so many people that are on journeys somehow found themselves here in Dawson City and now at this music fest.

Today's Pics

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