DAY 131

July 23, 1999

Last night Paul, Chris, Andie, and I, sat around a fire and talked awhile. It’s so easy to meet people here and make friends. I’ve been hangin’ out with Paul and Chris for a few days now and I just met Andie. She works at the Grubstake and said I have to try their pizza. So today, Paul and I made our way to the Grubstake and passed Andie as she was leaving for a break.

Inside, we met 3 snowboarders from the states that came here for the music fest ( ). After devouring one of my favorite foods, I went to the volunteer tent to see if I made it on the schedule. I’ve been trying to volunteer to get free passes to the music fest. The $65.00 tickets have been sold out for months and volunteers get free passes. Yes!! I’m on the schedule and have passes for all three days!! Woo Hoo!!

Walking back through town, I see Yunita as she is just getting off work. We walk around a bit and then I joined her at MME. Zoom’s so she can eat while I drink tea.

I began my shift at 6pm to volunteer in a concession. That was kewl!! I love that job. Standing at the window, I took the order, yelled back the order, and collected the money. Everyone here was so much fun to work with. Lou was so funny! Then there was Ali and Rosie, the 2 girls up from Vancouver to see the music fest. While I was having fun with everyone, an older, serious looking guy, that is apparently the big shot over this whole thing, approaches me and says, "Hey crazy guy, I need to talk to you for a minute". I followed him outside to join a small group of people. They were having a problem with security, and for some reason, thought that I could do a good job at that. Well, that sort of thing is not me. It’s no fun being the asshole that kicks people out or turns people away and stuff like that.

Anyway, it was a fun evening with good music. I completed my night by joining Andrew, Jeremy, Jared, And Carla, by their tents.

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