DAY 130

July 22, 1999

I slept in very late today and was sitting near the gazebo by the river when Karee-Ann invited me to join her and her 2 friends for coffee at the Sun. The four of us, Karee-Ann, Reemi, Maya, and I, sat at the table and talked for awhile. Afterwards, Maya, Reemi, and I, walked back by the river and saw Corey writing in his journal. The 4 of us hung out for awhile until we got harassed by one of the local natives. This guy is notorious for harassing tourists and transients that come through. He's verbalized his wishes to kill all the hippies, and burn down "Tent City". I was later informed that he was just released from the jail in Whitehorse. In general, most of the natives are friendly, but there are some exceptions like this guy.

During the late afternoon, I found Shawn and Anna together. They're now sharing a tent together. Kevin and I put some food together and had dinner in the kitchen area. Back in town, I spoke to Grant the owner of the Smokie Shack. The Smokie Shack is a hotdog stand that also sells giant smoked sausage dogs as well as drinks and chips and sits along the boardwalk. This is my second time talking to him. I neglected to write about it on yesterdays entry. Grant is an exceptionally nice guy. Fun to talk to and an exceptional cartoon artist. He has his cartoons published in a local newspaper and does work for anyone that wants any type of designs done. Grant is quick to share much of his humor and funny little observations on life. Great little stop on the boardwalk.

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