DAY 129

July 21, 1999

Karee-Ann shared stories with me about her great 2-year Australian journey, and I shared significant parts of my journey. Next we walked through the park to the river with her dog Gypsi, then ended up at MME. Zooms to eat. 

Through the course of the evening we discussed our lives and philosophies on life. She has the same problems I have at times, finding a real person to sit and talk with. Karee-Ann said she sometimes craves for conversation with a like-minded soul. Our discussion led to our crazy dreams from distinct childhood ones we remember, to recent dreams. It was funny to find someone else that had intense childhood fears of something under their bed at night. What surprised me was when she told me she believed that soul-mates can be either same sex or opposite sex. That was an issue I had pondered and wrote about in Whitefish. As the evening progressed, I began to realize that we were mirroring each others belief system. Karee-Ann and I also discussed: oneness of the universe, Energy of the universe, deja` vu experiences, fate, destiny, and interactions with other people.

As I walked back up through town, walking on the boardwalks and down dirt roads, I thought about all we talked about. A meeting of the minds which seemed to partly take place in another reality. This made me think about my own inner self as I walked through town. There are many things about me that I wish I could alter at times. There are many talents I wish I had. Sometimes I miss that young teenager I used to be.  Most of my life I've had this feeling inside me like there is an artist inside me struggling to break free and express himself. But how? In 7th grade it was school band and playing the trumpet, I sucked, and then later it was guitar lessons and again I sucked. Then it was high school and drawing pencil sketches while high.   Lately, I've found some satisfaction with my photography, and some moments in my writing, as a new way to express myself artistically.

OK, time to sleeeeeeep! 

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