DAY 128

July 20, 1999

OK, yada, yada, yada….I’m skipping to the evening.

Kevin, Shawn, Paul, Chris, and I, sat at the dyke drinking beer for awhile. Then we went to the bar at the El Dorado Hotel, or the "ELDO" to the locals. Ten of us crowded around 2 round tables that were pushed together. We sat and drank pitcher after pitcher, while laughter filled the air. Yunita, Lisa, Kelly, and two other guys were sitting with us as we closed the bar. Being the last ones to leave, we walked through town minus the 2 other guys. We sat on the boardwalk by the field where I tented my first night here. Jared and another guy joined us while someone began passing a joint. Soon an RCMP car passes, then immediately brakes and backs up. The cop said, "Man, does it smell like pot here", everyone was quiet, "You should blow the other way, it’s burning my lungs." Then he drove away. I could feel the tension that was in the air suddenly disappear as everyone felt relieved that he did drive away.

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