DAY 127

July 19, 1999

I wandered around town today looking for photo opportunities. When I checked my e-mail and Guest-book, I found an entry in my guest-book from Shawna. I didn’t have time to read what I wrote on the day I met her and her husband. When I wrote some of that I was still a bit drunk and finished it with a slight hangover. Anyway, the thing that I thought was funny was when she mentioned her friend that would eat mosquitoes. That is something that Patrick and I had been doing, there’s always hundreds of those things swarming around us and they would even land in our soup. Sometimes I would make a small pile of dead mosquitoes that I had squashed while they were biting me, and then burn them…then they’d be a bit crunchy. :-)

Later in the afternoon, I met Olivia and Anna. Olivia had been drumming while sitting by the edge of the hill looking over the Yukon river. I introduced both of them to Sean and Kevin. And yeah, a bunch of other stuff happened today but I’ll write about it later.... if I feel like it.

Today's Pics

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