DAY 121

July 13, 1999

As I was leaving the hotel, I got into a long conversation outside. The guy is from Kalispell, MT and writes a travel guide for the Northwest U.S. and Canada. The conversation was lasting a little while longer than I wanted but the guy was nice and he gave me one of the travel guides. It was something I didn’t necessarily want or need but, but accepted it the gift and appreciated his kindness.

Riding around town, I wanted to take a few more photos. I stopped back in at The Top Of The World Hemp to buy some more stickers for my bike. Since Canada has been a great experience for me, I decided to get the sticker that says: Canada Kicks Ass. While standing at the counter talking to Jort, Hope and Scott approached and talked to us. When they found out about my journey, they invited me to hang out with them at their beach house. 10 miles south of the Canadian border, in Washington State. I’m not sure if time or money will permit me to continue riding south along the coast, but I do have invites in Vancouver and now in Washington State. Man, I really do not want to go back to that other world!!!

While hangin out drinking coffee at a sidewalk table outside Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters, I met Manfred. We talked for a while and he invited me to join him and Jacqui for the evening. Jacqui was feeling sick and was back at the campground while Manfred hung out around town. I told him that I was planning on leaving today but was now unsure. We made tentative plans to meet at the bar that had live blues tonight.

Going back to Aroma Borealis, I decided to give Raven the latest book I read. Every time I read a new book, I find someone with similar reading interests to give it to. She invited me to tent in her back yard instead of paying the campground fees. Cool!! I rode my bike just outside of town, which is the direction I need to go, so I made a little progress leaving today. :-)

When I arrived, I was introduced to her roommate, Martha. They invited me to join them for dinner too, really cool! Man, the Canadians are good people! We were soon joined by several other people. Georgina is an Occupational Therapist that lives next door. She brought her friend Bonnie who is a Speech Language Pathologist. Wow, a complete rehab team!! I had already heard about Karen and her brush with the law before she arrived. She was drinking a little and while driving home in the middle of the night, she saw a cop. Realizing her headlights weren’t on, she tried to turn them on. Since it wasn’t her car, she ended up turning on wipers and flasher and really drew their attention to her. Since it’s light 24 hours a day, it’s easy to forget the lights in the middle of the night. Anyway, she got pulled over and given a breathalyzer test. Fortunately she only got a warning, but now she has a new nickname – Kriminal Karen. The others that showed up were Sean and Neal. The dinner was excellent, with halibut, salad, asparagus, corn, bread, and wine. Mmmm!

Wow, what an exceptional evening! Everyone was really cool and laid back with the exception of Sean. He was not the laid back type. Sean is pretty intense and speaks in a loud voice with bold, contrasting, intonations. He is a kayaker and does guided trips. I thought he had a cool idea to create a guided tour down the river which will emulate the "Green Tortoise" bus trips. What a great group of people, and a unique mix of personalities.

Today - 8.27 miles
Total -  5616 miles
Avg. Speed - 8.5mph

Today's Pics

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