DAY 118

July 10, 1999

The guy from Montana packed up and split very early, I didn’t even hear him leave. Patrick left at 8:30am and I left at 10:00am. It was an exceptional riding day, with a good tailwind all the way to Whitehorse. I had no knee pain since I let the tailwind and downhills do most of the work.

Arriving at Robert Service Campground, I found Patrick’s tent and set mine up in the same site. He wasn’t there and I assumed he rode his bike the half mile into town. After setting up my tent, I dropped my trailer and rode around to see what was there. I saw the Germans biking through town with still fully loaded bikes. Giving them a big smile and a wave I said "hello", and got another glare from the big German guy with the beard. Guess they don’t wanna talk, huh? I knew I’d get that reaction, so I did it just to upset them. After an hour of riding around town and checking out some stores, it started to rain a little. When I arrived back at the campsite, I found Patrick there. There was a third person sharing our site too. Although they charge by the tent not the site. At the end of the night, someone walks around and counts all the tents too. Apparently, they had a problem with 20+ people living on one site, so they had to begin charging by the tent instead of by the site. That is something we found to be very common in Canada, people will live in a campground and work in town. It wasn’t long before Tommo arrived. He’s the guy sharing the site with us. He has been on a journey himself and has been doing a lot of hiking and camping in the wild. We built a fire, fixed something to eat, and talked the rest of the evening.

Today - 67.80 miles
Total -  5608 miles
Avg. Speed - 13.5mph

No Pics Today

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