DAY 114

July 6, 1999

No riding today, woo hoo! Time to give my knee a rest and relax for a day. I went to the "Sign Post Forest" and found the sign that Courtney and I hung last year. Using a permanent marker, I wrote on my B.O.B. trailer flag and wedged it between our sign and the post (refer to picture).

The library had free internet access so I was able to check my email and view the guest-book entries at my web site. There were some inspiring emails and guest-book entries. I’m sorry but I don’t have time to reply to everyone, but I really appreciate them. Thanks. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t share my personal journal entries, but I see now that it is what people enjoy most. This is me as I try to show the real "me". I’m not perfect and I make lots of mistakes that hopefully I can learn from. Just because I’m on a long bike adventure it doesn’t make me better than anyone else. The only difference is that I am doing it. There are so many people trapped in routines and work that don’t seek adventure…to really live life. Many of the geriatrics I’ve worked with are basically, just waiting to die. And many have never left their hometown. We will all die, but how many will seek out to live life to its fullest? Experience raw nature, and allow their own raw emotions to flow? Even though I’ve tried hard to remain positive and keep a smile on my face, it is difficult at times. And at times, I think impossible. I guess we all need to experience some "not so good" days to help us really appreciate the good days.

Well I think I’m rambling in my journal now as I write late at night. One more thing from "The Tao of Pooh" :

"What the world thinks of me is none of my business."

I thought that was cool when I read it :-) I say, be true to yourself and do what truly makes you happy. Regardless of what others may think. In the end, we all part this earth and I just want to make sure that I'm satisfied with my human experience, just in case I leave it tomorrow.

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