DAY 110

July 2, 1999

Yes!! The sun came out!! Our destination for today will be Summit Lake, which is only 40 miles away, so we took our time getting ready.

Here’s what we were told about the elevations changes:

River at Ft. Nelson – 1000 ft
Ft. Nelson – 1310 ft
310 ft climb in about mile
Steamboat (where we are now) – 2850 ft
Top of hill 3 miles ahead – 3500 ft
Summit Lake – 4250 ft

So, it looks like a 1400 ft gain for today. We left around 10am and began our climb. There was some road construction and we pedaled several miles over a dirt and gravel road. Both of us had to breathe through our shirts when the vehicles flew by leaving a dust cloud. At 10:30am we encountered a black bear near the road. This is the earliest I’ve seen one. They’re usually not out until after 5:00pm. Then we saw a large cow moose and calf cross the road about 100 yards ahead of us. I was slow getting my camera out but I think I got a photo just before they disappeared into the woods. I’ll have to wait and see when I get the film developed.

For most of the day Patrick and I both felt a little sick. I was glad it was going to be a short day. Fortunately, the climb was slow and gradual so we didn’t have to work too hard. There was very little wind today, just an occasional breeze. The scenery was indeed much better now, but still pales in comparison with Kootenay, Banff, and Jasper.

Arriving at Summit Lake, we pitched our tents in the same spot I was in last year. The sky was clear and Patrick said he was going to leave the rain-fly off his tent. I laughed because the weather here changes so quickly and is always so unpredictable. In one day I saw it go from warm, sunny, blue skies, to cold, freezing rain, and back to sunny skies again. Patrick decided he better put the rain-fly on "just in case".

For dinner we had Tabouli and vegetable noodles. Afterwards we were both tired. We had gotten used to our afternoon siesta'’ during the past 2 days. It was about 7pm when I laid down for a nap and about 8:30pm when I heard the camp host waking up Patrick in his tent. Glad it was him…not me :-) Patrick paid the $12.00 camping fee, which is a rip-off! It is not a very nice camping area for that kind of money, but the lake is nice.  Some Provincial Parks are not worth the money, I’d rather free-camp in the woods somewhere. I’ve mentioned this to Patrick but he’s a bit concerned about the bears getting our food.

Today - 40.81 miles
Total -  5083 miles
Avg. Speed - 9.5mph

Today's Pics

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