DAY 109

July 1, 1999

This is Canada Day. It seems like a lifetime since I drove this road last year. I was a different person living a different life back then.

Today is even worse than yesterday, constant cold and rain. Someone said there was snow at Bucking Horse last night. Neither one of us really wants to bike in this weather. After the boring sections of road, we want to bike through the nice areas in good weather. At least I’m not on a time schedule and don’t have to ride. The weather doesn’t bother me but I wouldn’t enjoy the scenery and wouldn’t be able to take photos. So, here I am bored again today.

This morning I woke up from some crazy dreams. I went to a restaurant or Pub or something like that. It was kind of a nice place and was teal green inside. There were a couple of people with me and when we sat down, someone asked for my ID. I pulled out my wallet and handed over my driver’s license, only it wasn’t mine. And instead of a single photo, it had a family photo on it. Looking through my wallet, I couldn’t find my driver’s license. That was a weird dream. In another dream, I was working in a nursing home and was arguing about how much therapy was available for a stroke patient. I kept arguing and persisted until I became very frustrated. I woke up remembering how much I hate that part of Rehab. In a way, I really don’t miss the profession. My last full-time job ended December 31 and I’m in no hurry to go back to that crap.

Patrick and I decided to catch a ride into Ft. Nelson so we could sit and drink a couple of beers. We were lucky enough to find a ride pretty easily. The guy that drove us was full of lots of exaggerated bear stories. He told us about where he lives in his small cabin out in the bush. We heard stories about how he kills a lot of black bears that come around his place. After a few miles of driving, he lights up a joint and offers it to us. Patrick and I both declined the offer. He went on to tell us how the best "stuff" is grown up here and that smoking marijuana "is a way of life for most." When Patrick camped out in Grand Prairie for 2 days he noticed that most of the Canadians he encountered smoked too.

Well we went back to Dan’s Neighborhood Pub in Ft. Nelson. I ordered a Thai chicken salad and a beer; Patrick only ordered a beer. We were joined by a new friend who gave us a ride. The three of us just sat and talked. It was nice to get away from our tents and relax in a nice pub out of this miserable weather.

Tomorrow we will leave no matter what the weather is like. I hate being stuck like this.


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