DAY 103

June 25, 1999

Patrick prepared something to eat this morning. We had slices of bread with cream cheese, a little bit of garlic, and sliced tomatoes. By the way, did I mention that the bread was only $1.75 a loaf! That is cheap for such good bread, especially since $1.00 US=$1.44 Canadian. After eating we rode out with a tailwind at 8:30am. We also had a tailwind yesterday. I guess we’ve been lucky since everybody says the wind usually blows in the other direction.

The road and landscape still pretty much sucks! So, I tried to focus on the small wonders like the flowers and butterflies. I also thought about how incredible this journey really is. So many people at work right now and unable to do something like this. How lucky I am to be out here, even if the wooded landscape is unchanging and monotonous.

While I was stopped, Patrick got several miles ahead of me. I thought, here we go again, maybe I’ll see him again in 4 days. After riding about 50 miles, I stopped at the Charlie Lake store. I bought a veggie sandwich with cucumbers, tomato, radishes, and lettuce. Going outside to eat my sandwich, I see Patrick. Geez, how the heck does he keep coming up behind me after he loses me?

After leaving there, we rode to the Shepherd Inn and sat on the bench out front. We looked at the dark clouds ahead and, thinking it might rain, decided to stay here. The tent site was $3.50 each, wow that’s cheap! Since we didn’t ride the 100 miles intended for today, we decided that we will leave early tomorrow and ride 100+ miles tomorrow. All we wanted to do was hurry up and get past Ft. Nelson where the scenery gets better.

Instead of setting up my tent, I decided to sleep on the ground in the fresh air. I put my sleeping bag on the ground, crawled inside, and put my mosquito net over my head. Patrick must think I’m crazy to want to sleep on the ground, but it’s so refreshing to sleep in the open. It’s just difficult to fall asleep with the daylight lasting so long into the middle of the night.

Today - 73.5 miles
Total -  4768 miles
Avg. Speed - 12.0mph

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