DAY 102

June 24, 1999

Leaving at 6:30am, it was a very cold morning. The temperature was 44 degrees F and the wind chill made it close to freezing, I’m sure. I was riding with my face mask, sub-zero riding gloves, booties over my shoes, and several layers of clothes. The road was newly paved with a nice wide shoulder. Looking to my left, I noticed a rainbow in the distance and I thought, "yeah, this is gonna be a good day." Maybe I’ll try for my 250 mile, 24 hr. ride that I’ve been wanting to do. Patrick must be two days ahead of me by now so this way I can catch up to him as well.

By 10:30am it was getting very warm so I shed some clothes. On warm day, and on days when I don’t feel like I need to use the mirror on my helmet, I ride without my helmet. As I was trying to clip my helmet straps around some straps to secure it to my rear rack, I heard "errrrr" and saw a bicycle tire slide right up to me. I looked up to see Patrick! "What….How….Where have you been?" Patrick arrived in Grande Cache at 9:30. He said it was a very tough day with a slight hangover. The last hill he ended up pushing his bike all the way up. When I rode into town the next morning, he was leaving. Then he took two days to make the ride to Grand Prairie. I rode it in one day which put us both arriving there on the same day. Patrick got there in early afternoon when it wasn’t raining so he camped in the campground. The next day, yesterday, he didn’t ride either, and now we meet again. We rode out of Alberta and…Back into British Columbia. By the time we reached Dawson Creek I was starving. It was 2:30pm (or actually 1:30 since we crossed time zones today), and all I’d had to eat today were 3 powerbars. As soon as I saw the Subway sign, I yelled to Patrick that I needed to stop there. By now I was feeling weak and dizzy. After eating a 6" roasted chicken sub, I was still hungry but decided to wait until we camp before eating any more. We then rode to the middle of town where the "0" marker for the Alaska highway is.

Riding out to the edge of town, we stopped at the Alahart RV Park and Campground. Patrick haggled the price down to $8.00 for both of us. We set up our tents and rode out to get stuff to fix for dinner. First stop was the Organic Farm Bakery. Inside we were greeted by a very pleasant Barvarian lady. Hildegard kept giving us free samples and free coffee. Then, while sitting down at a table, she told someone to wait a minute so she could feed the bikers. She then brought us each a piece of carrot cake. Wow this was great! And the food was excellent, very good homemade breads. Each of us bought a loaf of bread and then rode to the grocery store for vegetables.

Patrick cooked a really good meal with Garbonzo beans, fresh vegetables, sage and other spices. Man, I’m glad I’m hanging out with someone that can cook! I usually buy stuff that I just add water to, quick and easy is the way I like to cook. After eating we drank some :honey blonde ale" beer and played chess. Patrick has one of those travelers magnetic chess boards. Of course he kicked my butt, but that’s OK ‘cause I’ll beat him next time.

Today - 86.56 miles
Total -  4695 miles
Avg. Speed - 12.0mph

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