DAY 101

June 23, 1999

I woke up to a cold, cloudy, rainy, morning. Pedaling west on 43 I was riding against the cold wind. The temperature was 7 degree Celsius (44 degrees Fahrenheit) and the wind-chill brought it well below freezing. I hate the wind and call it a few names I won’t mention here. Cold, rain, and hills, I can tolerate but that stupid wind is pure hell! So again, I find myself miserable and in a bad mood.  As I stopped at the edge of town, I thought "screw it, I don’t have to put up with this crap". If it isn’t fun, I’m not going to do it. I have nothing to prove and I’ve endured enough crap on this trip already. So, I turned around and checked into a motel at the edge of town, the Westport Inn.

The lady in the office informed me that this weather will continue throughout the week. OK, so I’m having a bad day. Things are going to get better. I’m sure of it, they always do.

Today - 1.99 miles
Total -  4608 miles
Avg. Speed - 5.0mph

No Pics Today

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