DAY 100

June 22, 1999

Sleeping in late I wanted to get plenty of rest. I thought I would attempt a 24 hr ride. It was a perfect night when I stopped at 12:30am. If I hadn’t been awake for 41 hours I wouldn’t have finished riding until morning. As long as there are no headwinds I’ll ride through the night. Cold and rain doesn’t bother me as much as headwinds. I hate them…

9:15am – Left motel and headed north towards Grand Prairie.

11:55am – (break) distance 34.09, avg. 13.0, temp 65 degrees. So far it’s been very hilly with a lot of climbing for the last ten miles. The sky is very cloudy but at least I have a good tailwind. Although the road is boring, there’s hardly any traffic and it has a smooth, wide, shoulder.

1:50am – (break) distance 57.08, avg. 13.0, temp 60 degrees. Much of the same. Still very hilly and cloudy. This appears to be an infrequently traveled road through the wilderness. I’m getting bored so I use my walkman to enhance my ride. Music! Yes! It can really make you feel good. If I keep a good pace with minimal breaks, maybe I can ride over 250 miles in 24 hours?

3:25pm – (break) distance 66.93, avg. 12.0, temp 72 degrees. Man, the temp is up and down just like these hills. My average speed is slowing down but I’m half way to Grand Prairie.

5:20pm – (break) distance 80.97, avg. 11.0. Uphills suck!! My average speed continues to drop. When I reach Grand Prairie, I think I’ll take a one hour break before continuing through the night.

9:15pm – (break) distance 120.51, avg. 10.5. Just before reaching Grand Prairie, it started to rain. The wind was blowing pretty strong to the east and gusting. I was supposed to turn left on 43 which would send me directly into strong headwinds and cold rain. Instead I said screw it, and turned right so the wind could blow me towards a place to stay. Why couldn’t tonight be like the night I slept by the lake? Geeez, this weather is crap! I’m in a bad mood now and the lady in the motel office won’t quit talking to me. Just give me a room key!!! She’s asking too many questions and after I get the key she comes up with something else to say to keep me there. I just want to go to a warm room and relax.

Finally! I get to my room. Today’s ride sucked! After the absolute best ride ever through Kootnay, Banff, and Jasper National Parks, This road absolutely sux! I’m afraid I won’t enjoy the ride much after leaving such incredible experiences already, especially after the ride through Kooteny, Banff, and Jasper!

Today - 120.51 miles
Total -  4606 miles
Avg. Speed - 10.5mph

Today's Pics

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