DAY 97

June 19, 1999

Woke up from a weird dream…A girl fell into a water hole and I had to pull her out. By the time I got her out she was no longer breathing and had no heartbeat, so I gave her CPR. She came to and that was the end of it.

I went to the Internet Café this morning for a bagel, coffee, and to email some journal updates. After several hours of typing, Patrick showed up. By that time it was time for lunch so we went to the Athabasca Hotel. I ordered grilled chicken salad and beer. We sat and talked for over an hour then walked back to the one-hour photo where I dropped film off on the way to get lunch. We went through about 100 photos and then Patrick headed back to his room for a "siesta".

Continuing my way through different shops and stores, I purchased additional supplies and food. I wanted to add about the same amount of weight that I’ll need on that last section of road. Walking back to my room, both arms were heavily weighed down as I carried mostly dehydrated foods. After dropping off my stuff it was time to meet Patrick back at the pub inside the Athabasca Hotel. Patrick was already talking to Amy. The three of us sat at a long, 2 sided bar, that had stools on each side. I sat on one side, opposite of Patrick and Andy, as the beer and laughter poured. Andy looks to be in his mid-twenties. He works as a chef back home in Delaware and as soon as he saves enough money he goes on a trip. He has been just about everywhere in the world just by working long enough to save up money and then leaving on a trip somewhere. Within a couple hours, Shawna and Leonardo take residence a bar stool away sitting opposite of each other. Shawna is originally from Canada but moved to Holland for her work. She is a petite lady, well dressed, with dark hair. Her visit here was to see how much has changed over the years since she left. Leonardo, her husband, is a native of Holland and a big, stocky, guy. He is travelling with Shawna, who is taking him to her girlfriends in Vancouver and he will stay there and do some work for her. Shawna had become interested in my journey and asked several questions. As I responded, I would look at both of them but Leonardo returned a blank stare, seemed disinterested in such a journey.

Anyway, it was getting late and I already had too much beer, so Patrick and I left. We walked to the Internet Café so Patrick could send some e-mail to his friends. This took him awhile since he had to type them in three different languages, depending on which friend he was e-mailing.

Back at the place I was staying, I was greeted by some Japanese people that had arrived earlier. There were three girls, Ai, Yokiyo, and Rie; and one guy named Katsushige. They were heading south to Banff tomorrow so I showed them my photos and encouraged the to see Peyto Lake. All of us sat and talked for hours. None of them spoke very good English and I was half drunk, so it was a fun evening :-) One of them got a camera so they could have a group picture with me in it. Well, of course I had to get mine and do the same. I went to my room to get my stuff together so I would be ready to meet Patrick at 8am. Soon Yokiyo appeared at my door and said, something like "I make for you", as she holds her hands out. In her palm rested a bird she made with origami paper art. Wow, a gift! I felt compelled to return the gesture. Being unable to make anything to give, I decided to give her a book I bought in Whitefish, "The Tao of Pooh". It’s a very good book and since I enjoyed it so much, it gave the gift more meaning, so it was a good exchange. All of them were very nice and I felt compelled to return to the kitchen area. They made me tea and we talked some more. It ends up that Yokiyo is a swimming instructor and teaches "water exercise". We call it aquatic therapy in PT terms. She even told me about one she works with that has Parkinsons. There was much enthusiasm in her voice and gestures as she spoke about her work.

I had decided to color my hair again this year, I debated on a dark maroon and some other crazy colors, but finally decided on a shade of a light reddish color. Well, Yukiyo was very helpful in assisting me with the task. I remember starting to do it and Yukiyo tried to say something but seemed to find difficulty in finding the right English words, so she just rolled up her sleeves and put the plastic gloves on. Next thing I knew my hair was much lighter and had a slight reddish tint to it. Maybe next year it will be green. hee hee.  Last year I shaved my head bald in the Yukon and then colored it dark purple in Alaska.  

It was 3am when I finally tried to get to sleep. Lying in bed, I was wide awake. Why couldn’t I sleep? I’ve been up since 8am….too much alcohol?…not enough alcohol? Ahhh, I became restless so I started going through the photos and getting them ready to mail. By 4am the sunlight was coming through my window, which made me even more awake. So I just waited until it was time to meet Patrick.

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