DAY 91

June 13, 1999

Waking up at 5am, my legs and butt were exceptionally sore. Shit! This sux man. I’ll never again take off so many days in a row. I should’ve at least went on short rides around town, the lake, or the mountain. The morning was very cold, 40 degrees is what my new thermometer read. Geez I hate being cold! My movements were slow as I added layers of clothes and prepared to leave. After eating a couple of almost frozen Powerbars, I was leaving at 5:45am. After 7 miles of slow riding, I made it back to 93 and continued north. The new sub-zero riding gloves and booties were keeping my hands and feet toasty warm.

The riding continued very slowly since my legs and butt were very sore from yesterdays ride. I was in no hurry so I took my time, taking many breaks to take photos. It was a cloudy day so most of the photos may not turn out very well. How nice to take notice not only of the mountainous landscape but also the small details, like flowers. I could lay in a patch of these white and yellow flowers on the green grass and stare at the clouds for hours. Even the smells were relaxing as my mind forgets…forgets the past and future, nothing exists but that moment in time.

Another break I took, I sat on the ground writing in my journal for yesterday and contemplating the silent mountains in the distance. Wow! I can’t describe in words all of these incredible riding experiences I get. The riding continues…

    • 5:18pm 69.96 miles, 9.5mph average. Stopped at Skookumchuck bought turkey sub for later.
    • 8:15pm 96.96 miles, 10mph average. Took break to eat turkey sub :-) Wow! I’m feeling great as the evening progresses.
    • 10:15pm 115.79 miles, 10mph average. Took break in Windemere. The later it gets the more awesome the ride gets! Maybe ride through the night? Yes, that’s it! A 24 hour ride, maybe 36 hours!

I continue riding and it’s dark now. Then the thought occurs, "What if I ride up on a moose or bear that I can’t see until I get too close?" As quickly as the thought hits me, a campground appears on my right, at the edge of town. Well it may not have been a 24 hour ride, but 16.5 hours on the road is pretty good.

I set up my tent, took a shower in the bath house, and went to sleep at 12:30pm.

Today - 116.45 miles
Total -  4055 miles
Avg. Speed - 10.0mph

Today's Pics

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